Travel Nurses: Best Places Across America to Go for a Run

travel nurse across America running seaside at sunrise

As a travel nurse across America, you’re always on the move, embracing adventure, and conquering new challenges – both inside and outside the hospital. When your shift is over and it’s time to unwind, you may enjoy lacing up those running shoes and hitting the trails.

That’s why choosing the right travel nurse location is about more than just the hospital. It’s about finding a place that nurtures your passion for running and fits your lifestyle. Ready to explore fantastic destinations that cater to runners just like you?

At AHS NurseStat, we’re not just about finding incredible travel nurse placements across America; we’re committed to helping you live your best life, one mile at a time. Let’s start planning your next adventure! Reach out to a helpful recruiter now.

Great Running Destinations for You

To help you narrow down the endless possibilities, we’ve picked out some truly amazing travel nursing locations based on a few key things that matter to runners:

  1. Gorgeous Views: Because who doesn’t love a breathtaking backdrop for their run?
  2. Safety and Security: Feeling secure during your run is non-negotiable, so we’ll spotlight cities where you can run with peace of mind.
  3. Challenging Terrain: Whether you crave challenging climbs, diverse natural trails, or smooth city paths, we’ve got you covered.
  4. Consistent Climate: We’ll highlight places with mild climates perfect for year-round running.

Most Scenic Running Routes

Some days you just need a run that feeds your soul as much as it works your body. These locations have got you covered, offering spectacular views to keep you motivated mile after mile:

  • Pacific Coast Highway, California: Imagine the salty sea breeze in your hair as you run along California’s iconic coastal highway. With varying distances and routes available, you can pick your perfect stretch of oceanfront running bliss. Access from larger cities like San Diego or Los Angeles, or smaller communities such as Oxnard or Ventura.
  • Acadia National Park, Maine: Experience the raw beauty of the Atlantic coast while exploring Acadia’s diverse network of trails. Choose from winding carriage roads with ocean overlooks or delve into lush forests for a shady, immersive run. It’s a short drive from the cities of Bangor or Portland.
  • Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, Nevada: Immerse yourself in the unique landscapes of the Mojave desert. This area boasts striking red rock formations, panoramic views, and challenging trails for an unforgettable desert running experience. Find a travel nurse assignment in Las Vegas or Henderson for quick access to the trails.
travel nurse across America running seaside at sunrise
Enjoy some of the most picturesque runs across America as a travel nurse!

Safest Cities for Runners

Feeling safe and secure on your run is absolutely essential. These cities boast low crime rates, well-lit paths, and a general sense of safety, allowing you to focus on your workout, not your worries:

  • Boise, Idaho: Boise consistently ranks as one of the safest cities in America. It boasts an extensive network of greenbelts – dedicated paths along the river – perfect for scenic and secure runs.
  • Madison, Wisconsin: Madison’s strong sense of community, well-lit trails, and active running scene make it a great choice for safety-conscious runners. Explore the many lakeside paths or venture into the city’s vibrant neighborhoods.
  • Southlake, Texas: Dedicated running paths wind through maintained parks and well-lit neighborhoods, providing peace of mind during your workout. Check out the nearby Bob Jones Nature Center for a more immersive trail experience.

Even in the safest cities, it’s wise to stay aware of your surroundings. Consider joining a running club, letting someone know your route, and avoiding isolated areas when running alone, especially at night.

Rugged Natural Terrain

If you crave variety, challenge, and the thrill of running in the heart of nature, these locations will get your pulse racing:

  • Flagstaff, Arizona: Its high elevation provides a training ground for serious runners, with plenty of mountain trails offering breathtaking views and challenging climbs. Explore routes through Ponderosa Pine forests or along the rim of ancient volcanic craters.
  • Asheville, North Carolina: Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is a mecca for trail runners. Discover countless routes with varying difficulty, from rolling hills to steep ascents, all surrounded by the lush beauty of the Appalachians.
  • Moab, Utah: Dive into the heart of desert adventure! Moab’s proximity to Arches and Canyonlands National Parks opens up a world of diverse and rugged terrain. Run along slickrock trails, climb sandstone formations, and experience the awe-inspiring scale of the American Southwest.

Trail running often requires specialized gear and knowledge of the area. Be sure to research your route before you head out and carry plenty of water.

Temperate Climate for Year-Round Running

If you want to avoid the extremes of sweltering summers and snowy winters, these destinations offer comfortable running conditions for most of the year:

  • San Diego, California: It’s hard to beat San Diego’s near-perfect weather. Miles of coastal paths, beaches, and parks provide endless options for runners. Plus, the mild temperatures allow you to enjoy your outdoor workouts all year long.
  • Charleston, South Carolina: Charleston’s historic charm and pleasant climate make it a runner’s dream. Explore the city’s picturesque streets, run along the waterfront, or venture into nearby parks and trails for a mix of urban and nature running.
  • Portland, Oregon: While Portland has a reputation for rain, its climate is surprisingly temperate. Embrace the drizzle and discover the lush green trails that surround the city. During the sunnier months, enjoy scenic riverfront runs and stunning mountain views.

Pack Your Running Shoes – Travel Nurse Across America

The right travel nursing location can make all the difference in maintaining your running passion. Whether you dream of epic mountain climbs, coastal breezes, or safe and comfortable city runs, there’s a perfect destination out there waiting for you.

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