travel nurse across America reading beside a quiet lake

Spend Your Summer by the Lake: Travel Nurse Across America

If you’re a travel nurse, you have the incredible power to choose where your next adventure takes you. What if you could combine a fulfilling …

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nurse with suitcase travelling with travel nursing agency

Travel Nursing Agency: Plane, Train, or Automobile?

Picture this: your newest travel nurse assignment with your travel nursing agency is set, and it’s in a completely different corner of the country. Now …

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travel nurse with great salary heading to new job

What is the Average Travel Nurse Salary?

If you’re a nurse seeking adventure, flexibility, and the chance to boost your income significantly, travel nursing might just be your calling. This dynamic career …

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travel nurse across America contemplating art

Travel Nurse Across America: Destinations for Art Buffs

Art and travel have a beautiful, intertwined history. From the awe-inspiring architecture of ancient cities to the vibrant canvases of today, art lets us connect with …

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travel nurse choosing placement with travel nursing agency

Placement Lengths with a Travel Nursing Agency

Embarking on a career as a travel nurse opens up a whole new world of opportunities! You get to explore different regions, gain diverse work …

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travel nurse with key to new housing accomodation

Three Types of Travel Nurse Housing Options

Are you interested in becoming a travel nurse, but not sure how housing works when on assignment in a new city? Look no further, because …

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woman making list about how to become a travel nurse

Making Your Travel Nurse Bucket List for Next Year

Are you ready to start planning and dreaming for the new year ahead? When you find out how to become a travel nurse, you have …

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travel nurse across America making Christmas memories

Magical Christmas Destinations Across America for Travel Nurses

As a travel nurse, you know that the holiday season is an especially busy time of year in the healthcare industry. Fortunately, between your busy …

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Travel nurse doing hobby activity after finding a travel nurse job

Finding Community in Your Travel Nurse Job

Are you a travel nurse looking to make meaningful connections with your community, and not just the people in your local area? You’re not alone. …

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