Travel Nurse Salary & Benefits

How much does a travel nurse make? Travel nurse salary is one of the great perks of becoming a travel nurse!

Travel nurses tend to make more than staff nurses, as they’re filling staffing gaps during times of need. Pay depends on many different factors, like the location, your specialty, and how high the demand is for staffing. However, in most cases travel nurses are going to make much more than a full-time staff nurse.

The perks go way beyond the paycheck, though.

In addition to high travel nurse salary, there are also a ton of great benefits. For example, free accommodations or housing stipends to pay for where you live while you’re on assignment. Housing through our agency is fully furnished and private and typically close to the facility where you’re working to make things simple and easy. Our non-taxed housing stipends at AHS NurseStat are also quite generous if you’d rather have the freedom and flexibility to find your own housing.

We also offer licensure and credentials reimbursements for our nurses. When you need to get licenses in a certain state for an assignment or do other certifications, we reimburse you the costs. Many travel nurse agencies don’t offer this great benefit, but we think it’s important! We care about helping you achieve your career goals and visiting the destinations you’ve always wanted to!

Some other benefits include:

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance available
  • 401K savings program with matching
  • Professional liability/malpractice coverage
Beach — travel nurse salary
Travel nurse salary allows you to explore the world.

Competitive Compensation for Travel Nurses

At AHS NurseStat, we believe our nurses deserve the best, which is why we offer some of the most competitive compensation packages in the industry. We know that our business is only as good as the people working for us. We care about taking care of you so you can keep traveling and achieving your personal and professional goals!

How do we offer such great compensation for our travel nurses?

First, we keep our overhead low so we can prioritize getting you the most out of each assignment. We believe you deserve every penny we can get for each of your assignments. We know you work hard and should be compensated well for it!

In addition to great pay, we also offer great benefits to every one of our travel nurses. We know it’s important to have all the basics, like health insurance, but we want to go above and beyond to make a difference for you. That’s why we offer benefits that many other travel nurse agencies don’t, like licensure reimbursement or professional liability and malpractice coverage.

We are here to help you achieve your financial and career goals. Let’s connect and talk about your dream job.

Talking to a nurse staffing recruiter about travel nurse salary

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