Continuing Education After You Find a Travel Nurse Job

Nurse doing online continuing education after she was able to find a travel nurse job

The healthcare sector keeps on evolving and changing. As a result, providers and nurses require ongoing training and education to stay up-to-date with the new protocols, advancements, and patients’ expectations. This is critical, especially if you are a travel nurse. Apart from ensuring you are up-to-date, continuing education will help you stand out and become more desirable to future employees. So, what is a travel nurse? How can you find a travel nurse job? What does continuing education requirement involve for travel nurses? How can you complete it while constantly moving from one place to another?

Of course, you have a lot of questions. AHS NurseStat has answers. Stay with us to learn what a travel nurse is, how you can find a job, and many more. 

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How Do I Get Continuing Education After I Find A Travel Nurse Job?

Nurse doing online continuing education after she was able to find a travel nurse job
After you find a travel nurse job, there are many options for earning your CEUs.

Before we look at how you can find a travel nurse job and earn your education credits, you might be wondering what is a travel nurse? Travel nurses are licensed, qualified, and registered nurses who usually work in short-term contracts to fill in staffing gaps in nursing for clinics and hospitals. For instance, due to long-term sick leave, maternity leave, or job positions that are yet to be filled. In general, nurses are essential in offering top-notch patient care. That’s why a travel nurse is an asset to any healthcare provider.

Technically, a travel nurse contract can be from weeks to years in duration. However, most assignments are for at least 13 weeks. Furthermore, you have the freedom to select where to work and in what specialty. But you have to be qualified as a registered nurse and have at least two years of experience in your specialty to get a job in this flexible position.

How can you continue your education after finding a travel nurse job? Here are some ways you can continue your education as a travel nurse in America.

  • Additional degrees
  • Continuing education unit
  • Certification

What Are the Continuing Education Requirements for Travel Nurses?

After you find a travel nurse job, you need to earn continuing nurse education (CNE) credits. The timeframe and the quantity you should earn depend on the state. Continuing education units (CEU) are also known as continuing education credits (CECs). They are credits that measure time spent taking educational courses, training, and other approved activities. Usually, one CEC equates to 10 hours of instruction, known as contact hours. Contact hours refer to the total amount of time one spends in a course. Depending on your state, one contact hour can be equal to at least 50-60 minutes of class time. 

As a travel nurse, you might face challenges getting CECs since you will be moving from one state to another. For instance, you will need to apply for a nursing license in different states depending on how you plan to travel. Getting a license from a different state requires a background check. Although the process is not complex, it is time-consuming; thus, you must be patient. 

Therefore, you need to talk to your recruiting agency, who will explain the process to you. On top of background checks, some states need specific CECs for one to get their license. For instance, Florida needs specific CEUs on HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, and avoiding medical mistakes to get their license. Once you get your RN in Florida, you must complete a minimum of at least 24 CEUs to be allowed to repay your license after every two years, and you have to pay renewal fees.

In the state of California, to be registered as a nurse, you have to complete 30 contact hours at least after every two hours for your license to be valid. Acceptable courses in this state include college courses, home studies, and CME Category 1 credits. In simple words, CEUs requirements depend on a state. For more information, check out the CEU State requirements.

Strategies for Getting CNE Credits After You Find a Travel Nurse Job

You can earn CNE (continuing nursing education) in various ways as a travel nurse. You can attend seminars, conferences, or workshops to qualify for CEUs. Also, online academic nursing courses or educational classes can help you earn CNE credits. But for your CEU to be recognized officially by the board of nursing in a state, it must go through an authorization process. So, you have to submit all your documentation to the accrediting body.

Additionally, some healthcare providers offer free education days and award CEUs. So, be constantly on the lookout for education hosted in hospitals you currently work with. Once you complete each CNE, ensure you get an attendance certificate. 

How to Find a Travel Nursing Job

Are you currently trying to find a travel nurse job? Or are you planning to start your hunt in the near future? Then start by ensuring you get your nursing education and a license in your state. Also, you’ll need two years of experience in your specialty before joining AHS NurseStat. Once you are ready to start your journey, talk to our recruiters. Alternatively, you can apply to one of the job postings on our job board, and we will assist you from there by guiding you through the process. 

Use these tricks to help you find a travel nurse job that’s ideal for you.

  • Start early.
  • Let your staffing agency know what you want in terms of facility, location, salary, experience, etc.
  • Work with a recruiter like AHS NurseStat who sends you personalized job suggestions
  • Avoid procrastinating on paperwork.

Travel Nurse Across America With AHS NurseStat

Now you know what travel nursing entails and how to find a travel nurse job. It’s time you take action, so you can explore the world while working. So, if you are excited to be a travel nurse across America, join our team at AHS NurseStat. We are the best travel nurse agency, connecting nurses with lucrative and rewarding opportunities across the U.S.

Also, we offer total support for everything from finding assignments to getting your credentials to making sure you have proper housing. We are a staffing agency that really cares about our nurses. That’s why we start by knowing them and their goals. This enables us to tailor our services to their needs. So, let us help you find a travel nurse job that suits you better. Start by contacting our recruiters or explore our job board today!

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