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If you’re trying to find a nursing job, there are many things to think about to make sure it’s a good fit for you. One popular option is to become a travel nurse and take a variety of assignments throughout the year. Yet, it’s still important to make sure the company you choose is right for your needs as a travel nurse. In this article, we’ll give you some tips for finding the right nursing job as a traveling nurse.

What to Consider to Find a Nursing Job

Any time you’re looking for a new job, there are several different factors to consider. Here are some of the big things to look at when you’re trying to find a nursing job:

Find a Nursing Job with a Stable Company

One important thing that many people don’t think about when looking for a new job is the company’s stability. This helps with job security, as a stable company is less likely to deal with unexpected downsizing or closures than a newer, less stable company. This is true in practically every industry, including the healthcare and travel nursing industry.

Make Sure the Culture is a Fit

Company culture is huge and has a major impact not only on your happiness but could also affect your growth as well. It’s important to check out the culture to make sure it’s a good fit for you and that you jibe with the company and your coworkers. As a nurse, you’ll likely be spending long shifts at work in stressful situations to provide patients the best care you can. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you work in an environment that suits you to help reduce stressors at work.

nurse helping patient after she was able to find a nursing job through AHS NurseStat
There are many ways to find a nursing job that suits your goals.

Don’t Forget to Look at Compensation and Benefits

Obviously, when you’re trying to find a nursing job, the compensation and benefits package is important. You want to make sure that you receive fair compensation for your time and skills. Therefore, when looking for a new nursing job, don’t forget to look at compensation and compare it to other jobs. You want to make sure you’re not taking significantly less than other comparable jobs.

Why Consider Travel Nursing?

Many nurses today have ditched permanent positions for travel nursing. It’s becoming more and more popular, especially as the need for travel nurse professionals grows. So, why might you consider becoming a travel nurse if you’re looking for a new career path? Here are some reasons:

You Can Find a Nursing Job that is Ultra-Flexible & Allows You Work-Life Balance

If you want to find a nursing job that gives you freedom, flexibility, and work-life balance, then travel nursing may be for you. Travel nurses get to choose where they go for their assignments, when to take off time in between assignments, and what jobs they do and don’t take. If you’re looking for more control over your career, then consider the life of a travel nurse.

Explore the Country as a Travel Nurse

Another great benefit of travel nursing is being able to travel and explore the country. You can take assignments practically anywhere, as long as you have the right credentials. If you find a travel nurse job somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, then you can enjoy the adventure of going somewhere you want to go while doing what you love.

Find a Nursing Job that Pays More

What more could you ask for than more freedom and the adventure of a lifetime? The pay, of course! Travel nurses frequently get paid significantly more than their staff nurse counterparts. One major reason many nurses are choosing to become travelers is because the compensation is often much higher, particularly as the demand for travel nurses grows.

What to Look for in a Travel Nursing Agency?

Travel nurses work with a travel nursing agency to find assignments. Your agency is your lifeline. We not only connect you to the perfect assignments for you, but we also provide you with extra support you need, help you with the credentialing process, set up your housing, and provide benefits like medical insurance and 401K matching that you need. Here are some things to look for in a travel nursing agency to help you find a nursing job that is right for you:

Choose an Experienced, Reputable Travel Nursing Agency

You can’t beat the advantage of experience when it comes to a travel nursing agency. Your agency is important for getting access to and finding jobs that fit what you’re looking for. So, look for a company with years of experience helping travel nurses find jobs that are perfect for them.

Work with an Agency with Assignment Volume and Variety to Find a Nursing Job that Fits You

As we mentioned, the agency you choose affects the types of jobs you have access to as a traveling nurse. Therefore, if you want to find a nursing job that is ideal for you and your goals, you want to work with an agency that has a huge selection of assignments to choose from. For instance, as you look through available assignments, you probably want to see a variety of locations, specialties, and facilities.

Find an Agency that Cares About You

Another thing to think about is how much the agency will value you. If you feel like just another number, this is a good sign to choose a different agency. You want a team that truly cares about you and your goals, otherwise you might miss out on the support you need and also may have a hard time finding the right jobs for you. If recruiters are just matching facilities with qualified candidates with no cares about your specific goals, you’re probably not going to be very happy in the long-term.

Don’t Forget to Look at an Agency’s Organization

Who do you go to for questions about housing? Is there someone available to help you understand the credentialing process for different assignments? These are important questions to ask! You need to know who to go to for specific things and whether there’s a team whose sole job is to help you with the different aspects of your assignment and needs. If there is no clear person to talk to about one issue or another, there’s the risk that it could slip through the cracks.

Check for Joint Commission Certification

Joint Commission certification is literally the gold standard for healthcare staffing. The program for healthcare staffing agencies has been around since ‘04 and requires ongoing evaluations of the company. It shows that the agency can place quality candidates with facilities in need. Therefore, many travel nurses only work with agencies that are certified by the Joint Commission.

Find a Nursing Job: Choosing Travel Assignments

Once you’ve chosen the right travel nursing agency for you, the next step is to start finding assignments! You’ll work with a recruiter to find a nursing job based on your wants, needs, and goals. For instance, if there’s a certain amount of money you want to make from each assignment or certain states you want to visit, then your recruiter works with you to match you with assignments that fit those goals. It’s a simple way to find assignments and travel across the country doing what you love.

Find a Nursing Job Tailored to You with AHS NurseStat

As a top travel nurse agency, our team at AHS NurseStat is here to help you find the perfect job for your needs. We work exclusively with travel nurses to help them find assignments based on their goals. If you’re a nurse looking for travel assignments, our team is here to help. We listen, understand, and care about you and make it our mission to match you with jobs that make the most sense for you. Find a nursing job today by talking to our recruiters or browsing our job board!

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