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If you’re trying to find a nursing job that is exciting, adventurous, and also meets your needs for income and career growth, becoming a traveling nurse may be right for you. The traveling nurse experience is completely tailored to you based on your needs and goals. That’s why so many nurses across the country are ditching permanent positions for traveling assignments. If you’re ready to get out there and experience a more adventurous life, keep reading to learn more about being a traveling nurse.

How to Find a Nursing Job that Fosters Growth, Adventure, and Excitement

woman on computer to find a nursing job
You can find a nursing job that allows you to travel across the country.

If you’re trying to find a nursing job where no two days are the same, you may want to consider becoming a traveling nurse. Traveling nurses take assignments at different facilities across the country. Medical facilities often hire traveling nurses to fill staffing gaps. For example, if another nurse needs to take parental or sick leave, when a nurse resigns or retires, or when the facility has more patients than usual. These jobs for nurses are short-term, usually around 13 weeks (though each assignment varies). Once the contract ends, you can move on to the next location. 

Many nurses start this career path to take advantage of traveling. As a traveling nurse, you can see many different places, meet tons of new people, and gain many different experiences professionally and personally. If you want to find a nursing job as a traveler, you can browse available assignments at our job board or you can reach out to a recruiter to help match you with an assignment.

As a Traveling Nurse You Can Find a Nursing Job Practically Anywhere

If you’re considering becoming a traveling nurse, you might be wondering where you can take assignments. The answer is practically anywhere. There is huge demand for traveling nurses throughout the country. So, as a traveling nurse, you have your pick of destinations. At any given time, you can find assignments in any of the 50 states, including popular areas like California and Hawaii. Facilities in urban cities, rural areas, and places in between all frequently need traveling nurses to fill gaps in medical staffing, so you can essentially go wherever you want. You’re only limited by your own desires and goals, which is a freeing feeling for many nurses. 

Benefits of Being a Traveling Nurse

There are many benefits of being a traveling nurse. It is an exciting and adventurous lifestyle that helps foster growth and opportunity. There are any number of reasons people choose to become traveling nurses, but there are some common perks traveling nurses note when asked why they choose traveling. 

You Can Travel Across the Nation

Want to know one of the most common reasons nurses become traveling nurses? You guessed it: the travel. Whether you have certain areas on your bucket list to visit or are looking for the perfect place to put down roots, travel nursing allows you to visit anywhere in the country. You can go hiking in the Rockies, spend your days by the beach, visit historical sites, and overall have the adventure of a lifetime. If you’re into traveling, this is the job for you. Think up a list of locations you’ve always wanted to visit. You can probably find a nursing job near these destinations to make your dreams come true.

You Can Find a Nursing Job Almost Any Time

Traveling nurses are in high demand at practically every time of the year. While demand may spike during flu season, facilities often need extra help to fill staffing gaps. This offers a lot of job security, as there will basically always be assignments available for traveling nurses. So, no matter when you need to find a nursing job, your recruiter can help you find your next assignment as soon as you’re ready. 

You Get Freedom and Flexibility

Are you feeling stuck in your permanent position? Do you want more control over your career? Well, as a traveling nurse you get the freedom and flexibility you’re longing for. As a traveling nurse, you are in charge of which assignments you take and when. A recruiter sends you assignments and you evaluate them and say yay or nay. Also, if you want to take some time off between assignments to do some sight seeing, travel elsewhere, or just to relax, that is totally possible. Being in complete control of your assignments is a wonderful experience that many of our traveling nurses absolutely love.

You Gain Professional Experience

We’ve talked a lot about traveling and adventure. However, let’s not forget about the professional growth that is possible as a traveling nurse. In some cases, you just want to gain plenty of experience to bolster your resume. Being a traveling nurse can help you do just that. You can gain a lot of experience with different systems, facilities, and people. Being a traveling nurse also shows future employers that you’re adaptable, flexible, and ready to tackle anything. In many cases, you will learn new things from each and every assignment, which is experience you take with you throughout your career.

Working with Travel Nursing Companies to Find a Nursing Job that Fits You

If you are ready to find a nursing job, then you need to work with the right professionals. Traveling nurses work with travel nurse companies to find assignments. Choosing the right agency is important as a traveling nurse, as it affects the types of opportunities available, your compensation, and the overall experience as a traveling nurse. Also, the recruiters at the travel nurse agency can make or break your experience. They help you find a nursing job based on your goals, guide you through the process, and offer support at all times while you’re on your travel nursing journey. Therefore, we recommend taking some time to research travel nurse companies and find the one that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Start Traveling with AHS NurseStat – Top Medical Staffing Agency

Looking for a travel nursing company that cares about you and offers the best experience around? At AHS NurseStat, we are more than just a medical staffing agency. We are your number one resource when it comes to being a traveling nurse. Our team is always available to help with everything from finding your next assignment to talking about your professional goals. We are committed to making a difference every day in our nurses’ lives. If you’re ready to take the next step, reach out today to talk to one of our recruiters!

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