7 Alcohol Pad Hacks for Nurses

There is an unsung hero in nursing: alcohol pads. Nurses use them every day without even realizing it! Here are seven ways you can use alcohol pads during your shift that you may not have thought of:


As a nurse, you’re aware of how many germs are everywhere at any given time. Keep a few alcohol pads in your scrubs for that moment in the day when you just can’t resist cleaning!

Cell Phone

Take a moment and think of how often you grab your phone a day. Did you wash your hands every time before you touched it? Impossible! Give your phone screen a good wipe with that alcohol pad before and after your shift.

Magic Eraser

How many times have you had to jot down a note for a patient and not had any pen and paper near? Your skin makes a great place to write a quick note for something important! But, instead of leaving it on your skin all day to forget about then wake up with it on your face the next morning, wipe it away with an alcohol pad!


Are you feeling a little nauseous? Is your patient complaining about feeling nauseous? Stick an alcohol pad under your or their nose and watch how quickly their nausea passes!

Label Remover

That sticky residue that’s left behind after pulling off a label has finally met its match! Use an alcohol pad to clean it off.

Mosquito Bites

Nothing is more annoying than an itchy mosquito bite. Try holding an alcohol pad to your bite to dry it out and stop the itch!

Nail Polish Remover

Is nail polish forbidden at your workplace? Take it off as soon as you walk in the door with ease using an alcohol pad!

Have alcohol pads ever saved you in a situation?

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