7 Apps All Travel Nurses Need to Download

You just got a new a travel job, packed your bags, and recently landed in your new, but temporary home, but don’t know where you should eat or what you should explore. Let’s look at the break down of the seven best apps you need to have downloaded during your travel assignment.  


An oldie but a goodie. Despite some algorithmic flaws, Yelp is one of the best local business resources online. Whether you’re looking for the best Tex Mex while driving through your new town, or some hopping nightlife potions in the neighboring city, Yelp’s local reviews will help narrow down your options. Plus, you can give reviews on some of the places you’ve visited.


Maybe you’re driving to your next work assignment? If you typically use a radar detector, you’ll appreciate Waze. This traffic app uses crowdsourced data to find a faster route for your commute, but the alerts provided by other users include speed traps as well. With a large user base, this app is as good as real-time traffic reporting gets. 


AirBnB offers you access to some of the best private accommodations in the world with over 600,000 listings in more than 34,000 cities to choose from! With the free app, you can easily contact hosts, add potential destinations to your wish list, or directly book your next dream home. The travel itinerary gives you a great overview of your next bookings, along with directions on how to get there. As an added bonus, if you are renting out your own place while travelling you can switch to the host mode in the app and easily manage your offer with your smartphone.

The Outbound:  

When you’re in a new area and don’t have local recommendations for what to do, eat, or see, this app steps up with information on hikes, cliff jumps, or stand-up paddle put-ins. Every activity recommendation includes detailed trip reports, trail descriptions, packing lists, mileage, and suggested skill level, all written and submitted by app users local to the area. Users can comment with their own reviews of the trail, beach, or cliff in question. 

Trail Wallet: 

Trail Wallet is the best app to keep track of your spending when traveling! You can have your expenses sorted by trip or month and set a daily budget. It is also possible to set a budget for the entire trip and check how much of it is used up already and how much of it you still have. Whenever you pay something you simply log the price, assign it a category and day and it’s done. After that you can toss the receipt and still have an overview of everything.


When you factor in different time zones, late-night strategy sessions and stress-induced insomnia, it can be difficult to get quality sleep while on the road. Next time you’re wide awake in bed, try turning on Binaural, an app that hosts a variety of binaural beat wavelengths used to ease the brain into a meditative state. Choose your preferred frequency based on your intended goal, whether it’s deep sleep, meditation, or relaxation. 


Thanks to Foursquare, you will discover great places all over the world from restaurants, cafes, and bars to new activities and nice shops in your area. You tell the app what you like eating and what you enjoy, and it will find matches for you. When you arrive at one of those places, it also has additional tips, such as what to order on the menu or what activities to do. 

There is a free travel app with a great solution for almost every problem. You’re not really on your own when travelling anymore and thanks to these apps you can even save a bit of your travel budget. So, start making travelling easier and free up even more time for adventures! 

Which travel apps do you use on the road?

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