Adjusting to Life in a New City

woman with map exploring as a travel nurse

You just zipped up your bags, said your goodbyes, and you’re about to touch down in new city for your next assignment. Maybe you’ve never been to this place before, or maybe you just aren’t familiar with it. Either way, living in a new city for any amount of extended time can be a bit of a shock.  

Here are a few tips on how to adjust to life in a new city: 

Make a friend (or a few friends!) at work:   

This friend you make should be a local of the area. You can then avoid tourist websites about your new temporary home and get the scoop on everything you need to know from traffic to the best restaurantsPlus, you have a buddy that can tag along with you! 

Get active in your new community: 

Do it. Join something. Whether it’s a yoga class or a book club just join something. This will give you a wonderful opportunity to not only meet people in your new city, but bond with people who have the same interests. This will give you another opportunity to adjust to your new situation. 

Keep pieces of your old home: 

Whether its fresh flowers, wall pictures, or something sentimental its always important to keep a little piece of home with you. Although you might look out your window to a different place, inside your home should comfortable for you. Decorate your new place and have fun with it.  

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Travel, make new friends, join an organization, and bring a little piece of home to your new city. How do you get comfortable in a new city?

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