What People Won’t Tell You About Becoming An RN

Choosing a career, in general, is stressful and challenging. Choosing a nursing career can be even more challenging because of all the different options and paths to take.

As you begin your journey to become an RN, you will probably consume lots of information and do research to find out what to expect. Here are some things that you might not be able to find or will have lingering questions about!

1. You don’t have to settle for a night shift.

Even as a new nurse, you can find a day shift! Most new nurses seem to think that they have to put in time doing the night shift so that they can “earn” the day shifts, but this is not true. Though there will be specific hiring situations depending on your location, there is no rule against new nurses finding their perfect day shift!

Also, many local hospitals will take new nurses into specialty and critical care roles as well. Don’t settle just because you’re new in the nursing world, you can find something you love in a shift that you won’t hate!

2. Hospital jobs are competitive.

While some nurses will find work immediately in a hospital setting, some others will need to broaden to other healthcare facilities.

Don’t find yourself absolutely set on being in a hospital setting, especially right at first. If you can’t get into a hospital right away, consider other facilities. When you are a new graduate your main focus should be to gain experience that will give you more opportunities in the future.

3. Witnessing patient suffering is never easy.

You may not be squeamish, but seeing a patient in pain can affect you more than just the sight of blood or injuries. This means consider your specialty with care and think about how you will react when your patients are hurting or dealing with grief.

Some types of nurses deal with more upsetting and severe health issues than others, so make sure to consider how that will affect your work!

4. You will forget yourself.

Being a nurse means you have some type of ultimate sacrificial attitude and want to help others. While this is great for your patients, this can hurt you, personally, if you don’t take time for yourself.

Burnout is real in the nursing world, so be sure to make time to do the things you love, take care of yourself and do whatever makes you feel grounded. You can only give great care to your patients if you take great care of yourself.

Is there something else that no one told you that you wish you would’ve known going into the RN field? Share it with us!

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