How to Find a Nursing Job with Our Real Time Job Board

Person on computer to find a nursing job with the AHS NurseStat job board

If you’re looking to find a nursing job perfectly suited to you, we make it easy through our real-time updated job board. With our job board, you can search for opportunities all over the nation day or night. Many nurses start by perusing our job board before taking the plunge and applying for assignments through our travel nursing agency. In this article, we’ll discuss some ways to use our job board to find the right nursing job for you. Read on to learn more about finding assignments through our job board!

If you’re ready to get started as a travel nurse with AHS NurseStat, apply to a job through our job board or reach out directly to our recruiters to get started.

Want to Find a Nursing Job? Check Out Our Job Board!

Our job board is the perfect way to find a nursing job that perfectly suits you. We keep our job board updated in real time so you can easily find and apply to opportunities as they become available. You can find a wide range of assignments all over the country to really customize the travel nurse experience to you and your needs. Whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned traveler, our job board makes it easy to search for available assignments and filter based on your requirements. 

Why Work with Our Travel Nursing Agency to Find a Nursing Job?

Our number one goal at AHS is to create amazing experiences for travel nurses. As a top travel nursing agency, it’s our mission to match you with assignments that are perfect for you. We operate throughout the U.S. and work with quality facilities to fill temporary staffing gaps with experienced travel nurses. Because we’re dedicated to providing a great experience for our travelers, we offer superior support for everything you need, including housing specialists, credentialing specialists, and dedicated recruiters for each of our travelers. That way, you can focus on having a great time and doing what you do best – helping patients. We take care of the rest.  

Person on computer to find a nursing job with the AHS NurseStat job board
We make it easy to find a nursing job anywhere you are with our job board.

How to Use the AHS Job Board to Find a Nursing Job

So, how do you use our job board to find a travel nurse job? It’s really simple and we give you a ton of ways to look for jobs that fit you specifically. If you’re just perusing, you can simply scroll through and view the latest jobs added by our team. However, it’s usually most helpful to filter through available travel nurse jobs based on your criteria, like your license type, specialty, and the places you want to go. Our job board allows you to search by keyword, profession (license type), specialty, and state for easy job searching. 

Using Keywords to Find a Nursing Job

One way you can find a nursing job through our job board is by searching with keywords. You can use basically any keyword you can think of to look for assignments that fit your needs. One great example is if you have a particular city you want to visit. While you can filter by state through one of the drop downs in our job board, using a city keyword is a great way to narrow it down even more. For instance, California is a really big state with many different major cities and rural towns that might need your help. However, let’s say you really want to visit San Francisco during an assignment. Simply use the keyword “San Francisco” to view jobs in that area. You can also search by department, such as cardiology or PICU. 

Filtering by Profession

There’s also a drop down on our job board for professions. This is basically the type of license or the type of nurse that you are. The options are:

  • Dietician
  • NP
  • RN
  • Social Work

This basically lets you look for jobs that you’re qualified for. For instance, if you’re a licensed practical nurse (LPN), you probably want to filter by this profession so you’re not looking at assignments for registered nurses (RNs). Choose the one that applies to you so you can see jobs that fit your role. 

Filtering by Specialty

Once you choose a profession field, you can also filter by nursing specialty. These will change based on what you chose for the profession drop down, but they’ll include all the major nursing specialties that might apply to you. For instance, RN specialty options include things like cardiac cath lab, ICU, NICU, and pediatric. By contrast, if you’re a dietician, you can choose specialties like sports nutrition, hospital, or corporate wellness. This allows you to browse assignments in the specialty that applies to you so you can find a nursing job that best fits your needs.

Filtering by State

Another way you can filter through jobs on our job board to find a nursing job is by state. If you have a specific place you want to visit, then this can be incredibly helpful. You can choose multiple, so dust off that destination list. You can choose states you’ve always wanted to visit or you can even specifically filter by states where you already have a license or that accept your NLC license. As we mentioned, if you have a specific city you want to visit, then you can use keywords, but you might just want to visit a particular state. Or, it can be helpful to use a city keyword and a state filter, as many cities share names. We’re looking at you Portland, Maine, and Portland, Oregon!

Saving Your Search for Future Browsing

Another great function of our job board is the ability to save your search. Once you have all the filters and keywords applied that you want, you can actually save it so you can search using these same filters later without needing to type in the same inputs. This way you can browse at different times to find a nursing job that fits you, like if you want to look more in the morning or if you like to browse the job board during your assignments (though keep in mind your recruiter will also be looking for you). To save your search, simply click “save search” underneath the search bar. 

Information You’ll Find on Our Job Board to Help You Find a Travel Nurse Job

On the job board, you’ll see a list of a ton of assignments based on your filter and search criteria. From the general job board, you’ll be able to see:

  • Job title
  • City, state, and zip code
  • Job post date
  • Estimated weekly pay and per diems
  • Shift type

This can give you a good idea of what the job entails. If you’re interested in more information, click the “detail” button next to the job listing. This will open up a page specifically for that job listing. In this page, you’ll find more information like how long the assignment is, when it starts and stops, as well as details about benefits available to AHS NurseStat nurses. 

How to Apply for Nursing Jobs Through Our Job Board

If you find a nursing job you like through the job board, then you can apply right from your computer easily. Simply click the “detail” button like we mentioned in the previous section to pull up the specific job listing. At the bottom, there will be a short application form you’ll fill out. All you need is your name, email address, phone number, as well as a resume to upload. From there, one of our recruiters will reach out to help you through the rest of the process. They’ll be your dedicated recruiter moving forward to help you find jobs and provide all the support you need.

Working with AHS NurseStat to Make a Difference Daily

If you’re looking for a travel nurse agency that cares, look no further than AHS NurseStat. We’re proud to provide travel nurses with all the support they need, on and off assignment. We focus on providing you everything you need to find a travel nurse job and have an amazing time so you can focus on providing excellent care to patients across the country. Find a job today – check out our job board or reach out to our recruiters now.

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