Find a Travel Nurse Job as an ER Nurse

ER nurse holding patient's hand after they were able to find a travel nurse job in an emergency room

If you are an ER nurse who loves the fast-paced nature of your job but desires more, it may be time to find a travel nurse job. Travel nursing gives your career an exciting twist. You get to do what you love while making numerous cross-country road trips while experiencing diverse sceneries and meeting tons of new people.

Travel nursing has the potential for better financial benefits compared to a permanent nursing job. You can earn as much as $54 an hour as a travel nurse compared to $32.21 for a staff nurse according to PayScale.

If you are thinking of pursuing a career as a travel nurse, contact our recruiters or see our job board to find your ideal travel nurse job.

Can I Find a Travel Nurse Job as an ER Nurse?

ER nurse holding patient's hand after they were able to find a travel nurse job in an emergency room
You can find a travel nurse job as an ER nurse all over the country.

Yes, you can.

The demand for registered nurses (RNs) is expected to expand by 12% by 2028. Nursing shortages are expected to increase as many RNs retire and baby boomers require more healthcare. ER travel nursing is one of the in-demand nursing specialties, making it easy for you to find a travel nurse job. 

You may be asking,what is a travel nurse?” A travel nurse takes on temporary positions in case of staff shortages. Healthcare institutions require travel nurses to fill in when permanent RNs retire, resign, or go on leave. These institutions pay travel nurses handsomely.

A dedicated recruitment agency can make it easy for you to find a travel nurse job by guiding you in every stage of the process. The right agency will also assist you with housing, credentialing, and other aspects of travel nursing so you can focus on providing astounding patient care. 

What is an ER Nurse?

An ER or emergency room nurse is a registered nurse who attends to critically-ill patients, mostly in a hospital emergency room or a stand-alone ER facility. ER nurses work in high-stress, fast-paced environments, treating patients with severe medical conditions such as trauma and injuries.

Working as an ER nurse requires you to have skills beyond the standard nursing skills. These include stabilizing patients, minimizing pain, and the ability to remain calm. ER nurses often work with other specialists such as orthopedic experts and radiologists to provide the highest-quality care. 

Why Find a Travel Nurse Job as an ER Nurse?

Working as a travel ER nurse comes with several benefits including:

1. Traveling To Various Places

Travel nursing involves lots of travel. You get to select your destination based on where the spirit of adventure takes you. Your travel nursing job pay and benefits cover hotel, fare, and accommodation expenses which means you’ll be traveling for free.  

2. Earn More Than Permanent Staff

ER travel nurses specifically are almost always in demand, which translates to job security and a competitive salary.

The average ER nurse’s salary is $72,135 compared to $143,728 for a travel ER nurse according to Wanderly. Travel nursing jobs especially pay higher because of allowances such as free housing, reimbursements, 401(k), and daily allowances. The financial gains will depend on your location (since rates vary by region), the length and complexity of your job, and the hiring institution. 

3. Flexibility Over Assignments and Schedule

A job as a travel nurse gives you the flexibility to set your travel schedule, taking breaks when you need to. While you have to abide by your contractual requirements, you’ll be free to find another assignment or take a break once you’re done. 

You can also choose the type of healthcare facility to work in. By gaining experience in a variety of healthcare facilities, you can determine what works best for you. As a travel nurse, you can experiment in different areas before you decide where to settle.

You also have the freedom to find your preferred job and learn relevant skills to advance your career. 

4. Develop Skills

Nurses need both hard skills and soft skills to be more competitive in the market. Wound care, medical administration, and patient assessment are among the hard skills. Soft skills include communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and organization.

Travel nursing gives you the opportunity to gain a broad range of hard and soft skills by working in various settings and encountering different types of clients. This makes you more marketable in the workforce over time.  

How to Find a Travel Nurse Job as an ER Nurse

To find a travel nursing job, start by updating your resume to fit the position of a travel nurse. Here’s how to do it:

  • Highlight your clinical skills, qualifications, personal qualities, and achievements during your time as a nurse
  • List and detail any new skills you’ve acquired from the past few months or years 
  • Remove any skills or positions that no longer apply such as an expired certification or a type of training that’s no longer available
  • Include relevant soft skills that reveal how you interact with patients, such as empathy, conflict resolution, interpersonal skills, and creative problem-solving

A travel nursing agency is one of the best ways to find a travel nurse job. The majority of travel nurses find jobs via travel nursing agencies.

Agencies have unique relationships with various healthcare facilities which can make it easier for you to find suitable opportunities nationally. The best travel nursing agency will match you to a suitable job based on your goals and experience. Agencies also support you throughout the process including assisting you after you accept a position.

AHS NurseStat – Helping You Find the Perfect Job

ER travel nursing is one of the most in-demand nursing jobs due to its critical nature. Working as an ER travel nurse can be a chance to travel the country, broaden your experience, enjoy a flexible schedule, and earn better pay compared to a permanent ER nurse. 

A travel nursing agency can help you find a travel nurse job to kickstart your ER travel nursing career. AHS NurseStat travel nursing agency specializes in helping you find the right travel assignment based on your experience and unique needs. We work with some of the top health facilities in the country, providing you with a wide selection of competitive jobs that aren’t available through other agencies. Our agency also provides competitive compensation packages including a 401k savings program and affordable medical insurance.

Contact our recruiters or apply through our job board to find your ideal travel nurse job today. 

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