Placement Lengths with a Travel Nursing Agency

travel nurse choosing placement with travel nursing agency

Embarking on a career as a travel nurse opens up a whole new world of opportunities! You get to explore different regions, gain diverse work experiences, and connect with amazing healthcare teams.

Choosing the right placement length is crucial—it can greatly impact your professional growth and personal satisfaction. Today, we’ll take a detailed look at the available placement length options and their associated pros and cons.

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Freedom and Discovery – Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is an exhilarating path that lends a fresh perspective to professional healthcare. As a travel nurse, you have the flexibility to work across the country, getting to explore and enjoy life from Alaska to Florida and everywhere in between.

But with such freedom comes important choices, one of which is the duration of each placement. Short-term placements are in high demand, but is it always the best choice for you? Let’s delve into the types of contracts to see what suits you best.

Short-Term Placements: Flexibility and Diversity

travel nurse choosing placement with travel nursing agency
Choose your ideal placement length with a travel nursing agency.

Short-term placements, ranging from 1 to 14 weeks with the most common span being 12 to 13 weeks, lead the pack in popularity. Our active job board currently boasts over 3,000 openings within this timeframe throughout the United States.

These placements are perfect for those who relish variety and are not yet ready to settle in one place. They allow you to experience a mix of healthcare settings and regional cultures, giving you the unique opportunity to work in different hospitals and clinics across varied regions.

Short-term placements also provide an excellent solution for nurses who need to balance professional opportunities with personal or family commitments. They allow you to continue your nursing passion while also being there for life’s important moments with your loved ones.


  • Variety: Gain a wide range of experiences in different settings.
  • Flexibility: Ideal for those who enjoy frequent changes in location and workplace.
  • Opportunity: Allows for network building across various states and facilities.


  • Uncertainty: Frequent moves mean regular changes in accommodation and routine.
  • Adaptability: Constantly adjusting to new work environments can be demanding.

Making the Most of Short-Term Placements

To thrive in short-term placements, it’s important to be proactive. Before starting a new assignment, take the time to understand the specific protocols and procedures of the facility you’ll be joining. This foresight can make a big difference in reducing the adjustment period and increasing your effectiveness right from the start.

Plus, keeping an organized system for your documentation and personal logistics can help make transitions between placements smoother. Create a checklist of what to pack, keep digital copies of essential documents handy, and develop a routine that can be easily adapted to new settings.

Above all, embrace adaptability and resilience! Not only will it make you a more capable travel nurse, but it’ll also enhance your satisfaction with each new experience. These skills are truly invaluable, helping you overcome challenges and truly enjoy the unique dynamics of each placement.

Long-Term Placements: Stability and Depth

Long-term placements, lasting 26 weeks and sometimes up to a year, offer a contrasting experience, with around thirty opportunities typically available through our agency.

These placements are perfect for individuals who want to fully immerse themselves in a community. They offer an extended period to build meaningful connections and gain a deep understanding of local nuances. This setup allows you to become an integral part of the team and experience the continuity of patient care that comes with a longer stay.

For nurses looking to grow personally or professionally in a specific area, long-term placements can be great for your career. They offer the chance to dive deep into clinical skills by consistently working with the same patients and care systems. This creates strong mentorship relationships with experienced staff and opens doors to advanced medical procedures that require a thorough understanding of facility protocol. Long-term roles also provide clear paths for career progression, allowing you to take on additional responsibilities and leadership roles over time.


  • Stability: More time to settle in one location.
  • Profound Experience: Opportunity to build deeper connections and leave a lasting impact.
  • Career Development: Ideal for undertaking long-term projects or certifications.


  • Commitment: Requires a longer-term commitment to one location.
  • Less Variety: Fewer opportunities to experience different facilities and locations in a short period.

Optimizing Opportunities in Long-Term Placements

Long-term placements allow you to truly become part of a community, both within the healthcare facility and beyond its walls. They give you a chance to deepen roots, whether it’s joining a local sports team, participating in community events, or simply becoming a familiar face at the neighborhood coffee shop. As you blend your personal life with your professional role, you’ll find that nurturing local relationships can enrich your experience and expand your support network.

The extended timeframe of these assignments also paves the way for professional growth. So, seize the opportunity to attend training programs, workshops, or conferences that you might otherwise miss out on during shorter-term placements. Investing in your professional skills will not only enhance your resume but will also impart a sense of personal achievement and fulfillment.

Mid-Term Placements: Balance and Exploration

Mid-term placements, which fall between 15 and 26 weeks, provide a balance between the short and long-term commitments, with around 100 placement lengths available.

These placements can be an excellent choice for nurses who are seeking a balance between short-term excitement and long-term depth. They offer the opportunity to gain experience in different healthcare systems and cultures without sacrificing the chance to build lasting relationships.

To ensure each mid-term placement aligns with your career aspirations, actively reflect on your long-term goals before accepting a position. Ask yourself how the specific responsibilities and the facility’s environment might equip you with the skills and experiences required to reach your ultimate objectives.


  • Balance: A mix of stability, variety, and potential for career development.
  • Exploration: Opportunity to experience new regions and cultures.
  • Network Building: Chance to connect with different professionals and expand professional network.


  • Transitions: Still requires periodic adjustments to new placements and routines.
  • Commitment: Requires a relatively longer commitment compared to short-term assignments.

Find Your Perfect Placement with a Travel Nursing Agency

Whether you’re drawn to short, mid, or long-term placements, AHS NurseStat offers a wide range of options to customize your travel nursing career based on your personal preferences and professional goals. Take some time to reflect on your lifestyle, aspirations, and the pros and cons of each placement length as you consider your next move.

As you navigate the exciting landscape of a travel nursing career, remember that it’s not just about finding a job—it’s about crafting experiences that shape your life and career. So go ahead, get started and choose your career path with AHS NurseStat.

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