Is it Time for You to Switch Travel Nurse Companies?

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Is your current agency just not meeting your expectations? Are they unable to provide you with assignments that fit your needs and goals? If so, it may be time to switch travel nurse companies.

As a traveling nurse, it’s important to work with a travel nurse company that you like and works well for you. After all, the agency you choose is your lifeline as a traveling nurse, as they match you with assignments and affect your entire experience. When you’re unhappy with your current travel nurse agency, it’s important to understand there are many other agencies to choose from.

In this article, we’ll talk about when you might need to make a switch, what to look for in an agency, and some tips for making a clean break with an agency that just isn’t working out for you.

When to Switch Travel Nurse Companies

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Not happy with your current travel nurse agency? It may be time to switch travel nurse companies.

There are many reasons you might consider switching to a different travel nurse company. However, typically the root cause is that you’re unhappy with your experience, for one reason or another.

For example, maybe you’re unimpressed with your current agency’s understanding of you and your goals. You want an agency with recruiters that really get you and what you’re trying to accomplish. If you say that you want to prioritize locations in big cities and your current agency keeps sending you information about assignments in rural areas, it can be frustrating. If you feel like you’re not being heard, then you might want to switch travel nurse companies.

In some cases, your current agency may not be able to keep up with your needs and goals. For instance, regional agencies probably aren’t the best fit if you want a travel nurse across America experience. These types of travel nurse companies only offer assignments at facilities in a specific area, so if you want to travel from coast-to-coast, you’re likely better off working with a national agency. So, if you’ve been working with a regional agency and are looking to stretch your wings and travel to different places in the U.S., it might be time to make a switch.

Also, if you notice any red flags or just have a gut feeling that your current agency isn’t right for you, it’s probably time to make a change.

Watch for Red Flags from Travel Nurse Companies

There are a ton of red flags you should look out for with staffing agencies. If you notice these red flags, it might be time to move on to a more reputable agency. Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Fees: You shouldn’t be paying any fees to find assignments as a traveling nurse. Facilities typically pay the staffing company to bring them qualified candidates. So, if an agency is asking for money from you, that’s a bad sign.
  • Pushy Recruiters: Does it seem like your recruiter really wants you to take an assignment you’re not interested in? This means they’re not listening and don’t understand your needs.
  • Poor Communication: If your current agency “ghosts” you or is frequently unclear in their communication, that’s another red flag. Communication between nurses and travel nursing agencies is essential for making sure everyone is happy with the experience. You should be able to rely on your agency to provide prompt, clear communication and answer any questions you have.
  • “Bending” the Truth: Maybe the recruiter doesn’t outright lie (though that’s absolutely a red flag, too), but they weren’t completely straightforward with you. This is a sign it’s time to switch to a different traveling nurse agency. You should have all the facts and be able to trust the agency you work with.
  • Blind Submitting Your Resume: Is your recruiter submitting your resume to assignments before they ask if you’re interested? This can create some awkward situations and is a questionable practice for any staffing firm. You should have a say in where your information and expressions of interest are going.

What to Look for in Travel Nurse Companies

Travel nurse companies are here to help you find great assignments that suit your needs. It’s important for the agency to really understand what you’re looking for to match you with assignments so that both you and the facility are happy. If you’re looking for a new traveling nurse agency, there are a few things to look for.

The first thing to consider is the agency’s reputation. You want to make sure the company you work with has a great reputation with both travel nurses and healthcare facilities. So, check out reviews to see what people are saying. Some common places to look for reviews include the Better Business Bureau, Glassdoor, and Google. These reviews can help you get a feel for what to expect from the agency. Also, check out available travel nurse jobs. If there aren’t very many available or only from a handful of facilities, that likely means they don’t have great relationships with facilities that need travelers.

Also, you want to choose an agency with opportunities that work for you. Take a peek at the available jobs at the agency you’re considering to see if there are jobs that fit your goals. Check for available assignments in your specialty and maybe some of your desired locations. Don’t be afraid to ask a recruiter about how they will meet your needs and goals, too. A good recruiter will give you an honest answer to your question and discuss your needs in greater depth.

How to Break Up with Your Current Agency

The partnership between you and your travel nurse agency is like a relationship. Once it turns toxic or you’re unhappy, it’s probably time to break up and find someone new. However, like normal break ups, parting ways with travel nurse companies can be difficult.

Keep in mind that you should always be clear. Once you’ve made the decision to switch travel nurse companies, it doesn’t help to be coy. Tell your recruiter that you’ve chosen to work with a different agency, so they know they no longer need to contact you about available assignments. It may also help to explain the reasons you decided to make a change.

Of course, you should always be polite and professional. Even if you were really unhappy with the agency, it doesn’t help to burn any bridges. It’s best to stick to the facts and remain respectful when leaving any job, including when ditching your current agency.

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