Travel Nursing Agency or Permanent Employee – Which is Better?

nurse in new city with travel nursing agency

The healthcare landscape is changing faster than ever. With staffing shortages and a growing need for skilled nurses, the option to travel and work in different locations has never been more appealing. Are you a nurse drawn to the flexibility of choosing your own assignments, the excitement of exploring the country, and the chance to significantly boost your earnings? If so, the dynamic world of travel nursing might be the perfect fit.

At AHS NurseStat, we understand the importance of this decision. As a travel nursing agency, we believe in providing the best of both worlds for nurses. With us, you gain the unparalleled excitement of travel nursing – the freedom, the adventure, the financial rewards – while also enjoying the security and benefits associated with being an employee of our agency.

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Travel Nursing Agency: Adventure and Flexibility

nurse in new city with travel nursing agency
Choice, freedom, and adventure await in a career with a travel nursing agency!

Travel nursing isn’t just about work; it’s about embracing adventure. Every location holds unique experiences and memories waiting to be made. Picture this: you’ve finished an assignment at a busy urban hospital in New York City. Now, you’re yearning for a change of scenery. 

With travel nursing, the choice is yours! Head to a laid-back coastal town in Oregon for a new assignment at a small community hospital, or enjoy sunshine in vibrant Miami while working at a research hospital. Travel nursing agencies unlock this level of freedom and flexibility. Plus, if you need extended time off between contracts, that’s perfectly acceptable.

Travel nursing isn’t just about exploring new places; it’s also a professional accelerant. By working in so many different types of healthcare environments, you’ll encounter a wider range of patients, medical equipment, and clinical procedures. Adaptability becomes second nature. 

You’ll learn to navigate new hospital protocols, integrate with different teams, and think on your feet when faced with unfamiliar situations. This agility strengthens your problem-solving abilities and makes you a valuable asset in any healthcare setting. 

Financial Benefits of Travel Nursing

Let’s be honest, increased earning potential is a significant motivator for many nurses considering travel assignments. Travel nurses often receive higher hourly wages compared to their permanently employed counterparts. Additionally, your pay package can include a generous array of non-taxable stipends. These stipends are designed to cover essential expenses such as housing, meals, and incidentals, substantially increasing your take-home pay. 

Some agencies also provide furnished housing during your assignment, eliminating the need to rent or maintain an apartment. With careful planning, travel nursing can be a fantastic way to boost your savings, pay off debt, or make significant investments for your future.

Independent Contractor vs. Agency Employee

When looking for a travel nursing agency, you’ll likely encounter two primary models: the independent contractor and the agency employee. Choosing which one works best for you depends on your individual circumstances and priorities. Weigh the benefits and responsibilities carefully to determine which path feels most aligned with your financial and lifestyle needs.

Independent Contractor

As an independent contractor, you have greater autonomy in choosing assignments and negotiating your terms. You may also enjoy potential tax advantages. 

However, independent contractors assume more responsibility for managing their own affairs. This includes handling income taxes, securing health insurance, and ensuring adequate retirement savings – all tasks that can be time-consuming and complex.

Agency Employee

When you work for a travel nursing agency as an employee, you have the peace of mind that comes with standard employment benefits. The agency handles payroll taxes and deductions on your behalf. Many agencies also offer valuable benefits packages, including health insurance, 401(k) options, and additional legal protections, providing a safety net absent in the independent contractor model.

Importantly, being an employee doesn’t mean sacrificing flexibility or adventure. A good travel nursing agency still gives you the power to select assignments that align with your preferences and goals. You’re still in the driver’s seat of your travel nursing journey but with a layer of security and support.

Permanent Positions: Comfort and Familiarity 

When it comes to travel nursing, the idea of constant change and unfamiliar settings may not appeal to everyone. For some nurses, the security and comfort of a permanent position in the same hospital is much more appealing.

There’s undeniable value in routine. Building relationships with colleagues over time creates community, and you can become an expert in the specific protocols and procedures of your hospital. Permanent positions usually mean you can plan around a long-term, predictable schedule. 

Ultimately, the decision between travel nursing and a permanent role is a personal one. If you prefer stability and predictability, a permanent position might be the ideal fit. However, for greater financial rewards and diverse experiences, travel nursing could be the perfect path to explore.

The Best of Both Worlds – AHS NurseStat

At AHS NurseStat, we believe nurses shouldn’t have to choose between the excitement of travel nursing and the stability of a traditional employment model. When you join us you become an employee of our travel nursing agency. This means you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with regular payroll deductions, access to health insurance, 401(k) options, and the legal protections afforded to employees. We handle the administrative side of things, so you can focus on what you do best – providing compassionate and skilled care.

We’re committed to building a community for our nurses. We recognize that even the most independent spirits crave a sense of belonging. Our goal is to create a travel nursing experience that feels like home – no matter where you are. Check out our job postings today or contact a recruiter now.

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