Why Work with a National Travel Nursing Agency?

Nurse looking at map to choose her next destination with her national travel nursing agency

As a travel nurse, your travel nursing agency has a huge impact on your overall experience. One important thing to consider is whether your agency works nationwide or just in one location. There are many regional agencies out there that may not be able to offer the same level of service and top-quality assignments in such a small area. In this article, we’ll explain why you should work with a national agency like AHS NurseStat.

The Travel Nursing Agency You Choose Matters

Travel nurses have a lot of freedom and flexibility over their careers. You choose where to go, which assignments to take, when to take off time in-between assignments, and what your parameters are for choosing assignments.

However, which travel nursing agency you choose to work with can also have a huge effect on your career. One agency may not be the right fit for many different reasons. Here are some differences between agencies to look for so that you can ensure you choose the right company for you:

The Travel Nursing Agency Affects Available Jobs

Nurse looking at map to choose her next destination with her national travel nursing agency
Choosing a national travel nursing agency means you can pick assignments from practically anywhere in the country.

Different travel nurse agencies have access to different jobs. Typically, the travel nursing agency partners with facilities to help them fill the open gaps with qualified nurses like you. Therefore, each agency will usually offer different jobs that vary on pay, quality, and other important factors.

This is a major reason why it’s so important to choose the right travel nursing agency. You can be a rock star clinician and do all the right things, but if your agency is sub-par, you might be stuck working assignments that aren’t a good fit. You might even find that you get paid less than other travel nurses working with different agencies.

Different Agencies Offer Different Levels of Support

It’s also important to note that agencies vary on the level of support they offer to their travelers. There are many reasons for this, including the size of the travel nurse agency. Some agencies simply don’t have enough people to provide 24/7 support for all your needs.

For instance, our agency has recruiters that are always available to help whether you’re on or off assignment. In addition, we have teams for things like housing assistance and credentialing. Our team is here to walk you through the process and make sure we always have your back.

Many other agencies don’t have the same level of support. You may be left effectively on your own to make sure all your credentials and paperwork are in order. Sometimes, it might even be on you to reach out to your recruiter because they’ve ghosted you during assignment.

Therefore, it’s essential to choose an agency that can provide you with the assistance you need.

Why Work with a National Travel Nursing Agency?

There are many different types of agencies you can work with as a travel nurse. Some work solely in one state or small region while others work nationwide to help connect you with available jobs.

Of course, every person is different, so there is no one-size-fits-all answer. However, there are many, many benefits of working with a national travel nursing agency compared to a local or regional one. Here are some of the reasons you should consider working with a nationwide agency to find a travel nurse job:

Find a Travel Nurse Job Nationwide

One critical advantage of working with a nationwide travel nursing agency is that you have access to significantly more assignments. With a national agency, you can find assignments in all 50 states, which gives you a lot more room and flexibility to find something that matches your needs and goals.

Compare this to a regional firm that may only work in one or two states. You might be able to find assignments with your specialty, but you might need to give up certain requirements to be able to find assignments. For instance, if night shifts are a deal breaker, but your regional firm only has night shift assignments available, you might have to work them.

Instead, with a national company like AHS, there are countless assignments to search for all over the U.S. So, you’re way more likely to find something that works well for you.

Travel Where the Money Is

Different areas have different demands for travel nurses, which can affect the pay for each assignment. There may also be variations in assignments available based on what is happening in each general area.

For instance, hospitals in New Orleans frequently hire travel nurses to prepare for Mardi Gras, one of the city’s largest events and attractions where there will be an influx of people. Areas like Florida, Texas, and the Carolinas may have more demand for travel nurses during hurricane season for extra injuries after national disasters. In a similar vein, California has needed extra travel nurses during wildfires.

Since demand changes for each area, many nurses choose to travel to various areas in need and where pay tends to be the highest. Of course, this isn’t possible with every travel nursing agency. However, with a national agency, you can take assignments anywhere in the country.

Get More Diverse Experiences as a Travel Nurse Across America

Another great benefit of becoming a travel nurse is being able to get a lot of different experiences for your career. You can travel to many different facilities to see how they do things and learn from a variety of healthcare professionals.

If you’re limited to regional facilities only, you may miss out on some pretty interesting, educational, and unique experiences. Instead, working with a national agency can help you get a lot of experience in facilities all over.

See Amazing Places with a National Travel Nursing Agency

Many professionals want to be a travel nurse across America to see the sites and visit many places on their bucket list. Maybe you want to hike the Rockies, spend time on white sand beaches in Florida, or check out the sites in big cities all over the nation.

This may not be an option if you choose the wrong agency. National agencies like ours often have assignments available in a wide variety of places. This way, you always have the option to change your scenery and see a new place. Therefore, working with a national agency certainly has its perks.

AHS NurseStat – The Best National Travel Nursing Agency

For a dedicated community for travel nurses, work with our team at AHS NurseStat. We are proud to be a leading travel nursing agency that truly cares about you and your goals. You get a tight-knit group looking out for you as you achieve your career goals and dreams. We work with nurses in all specialties all across the country to help them find the right travel assignments for them. Join us today to learn the AHS NurseStat difference. Browse our job board now or reach out to talk to one of our recruiters.

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