11 Tips to Master Photography While On a Travel Nursing Assignment

Hey you! There is no need to break the bank on that overpriced camera in order to capture sweet memories from your travels. We have some tips for you to flaunt your photos with your phone. Nothing can beat the portability and convenience of having your phone. You have a great adventure to share with the world, and you know what they say – a picture is worth a thousand words!

Follow these tips and you will be taking unique and eye-catching pictures in no time.

(Remember, practice makes perfect! The more photos you take, the better you will get at capturing those inspiring moments in your life.)

  1. Search for natural light – any light created by the sunlight is your golden ticket! Natural light affects the temperature of your image and allows for flexibility in editing the image post production.
  2. Seek shade if taking portraits – With a super bright light hanging above (a.k.a. the Sun), harsh shadows can be cast on your subject, distorting your image. In the shade or under the conditions of a cloudy day, the diffused light will spread evenly across the image.
  3. Adjust the exposure before you take the picture– With an iPhone, click on the screen after the camera is open and a yellow square box will appear with a sun icon to the right. Move your finger up and down to alter the exposure.
  4. Avoid zoom unless necessary – Zooming typically causes a significant loss of image quality.
  5. Get photography apps – VSCO is a great editing app to apply filters, adjust settings and gain inspiration through a community of creatives. Lightroom is ideal for those who want to take their photography to the next level and explore more advanced features such as light curves, isolated color adjustments and lens distortions.
  6. Use grid feature to help frame the subject of your image – The rule of thirds is helpful for placing the fundamental element of the image off-center to balance the composition.
  7. Know how to capture action – Catch movement through burst by holding down the shutter button. If you are videoing, you can easily freeze images while videoing! The shutter button to the left of the red record button is your key to capturing a sliver of the action.
  8. Research your destination to know good photo spots – Get to know your city and map out the spots you want to capture. A new app called Depalo is a great guide for navigating your photography finds. The app includes locations to local murals, cute coffee shops and so much more!
  9. Prepare your camera– Make sure to charge your phone, wipe off the lens, and have enough storage for the wonderful pictures about to be taken.
  10. Pay attention to details – Love on the little things! This will make your photograph stand out.
  11. Get creative! Explore the obscure angles and play around with the point of focus to diversify your final image.




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