Travel Nursing Agency: Plane, Train, or Automobile?

nurse with suitcase travelling with travel nursing agency

Picture this: your newest travel nurse assignment with your travel nursing agency is set, and it’s in a completely different corner of the country. Now you need to decide how you’re getting there. Should you hop on a plane for a speedy trip? Take a leisurely train ride with gorgeous views? Or maybe hit the open road and turn your journey into an adventure?

As a travel nurse, you’re constantly on the move, exploring new places and exciting opportunities. How you get to each destination is totally up to you. We’ll unpack all those options and help you figure out the best way to get to your next destination. As a travel nursing agency, we’re here to support you throughout each and every assignment. Reach out to one of our recruiters to find the next perfect job opportunity for your travel nurse career.

By Plane: Your Fastest Travel Option

nurse with suitcase travelling with travel nursing agency
A travel nursing agency can help you decide the best way to reach your new assignment destination.

If you need to reach your destination fast, nothing beats flying. Planes are undeniably the speediest option for travel nurses, especially when your assignment is thousands of miles away. You can arrive at your new location in a few hours while watching your favorite TV show instead of facing hours driving on the highway. Plus, some travel nursing agencies offer travel stipends to offset the airfare. 

However, planes do come with a few downsides. Flying is often the priciest way to travel. You’ll also need to navigate those not-so-generous luggage limits, which can be a challenge as you need to pack sufficient clothes and other essential items to last you the duration of your travel nurse assignment. Plus, there is always the risk of your plans getting thrown off by an unexpected flight delay or cancellation. If time is tight or your budget is low, a plane ticket might not be your best bet.

Key Takeaways:

  • Planes are great for speedy, long-distance travel.
  • Look into travel nursing agency stipends to lighten the financial load.
  • Be prepared for potential hiccups like travel delays or extra luggage costs.

By Train: A Unique Way to See the Country

Looking for a journey that’s a bit more relaxed? Step aboard a train! Train travel offers a unique charm, with scenic views rolling by your window. Picture yourself unwinding with a steaming cup of coffee as you watch the countryside change. You’ll often have more legroom compared to flying, and luggage allowances are usually more generous. Plus, train travel is an eco-conscious choice, which is always a bonus.

Trains have their limitations too. Routes and destinations may not always align perfectly with your assignment. And while scenic, train journeys can be slower than flying, particularly if you’re traveling long distances. There’s also the possibility of delays, just like with air travel.

Key Takeaways:

  • Trains offer a scenic, relaxed travel experience.
  • Choose trains for the journey itself, not just to reach a destination quickly.
  • Train travel can be a greener option than flying or driving.

By Car: Ultimate Flexibility

If independence is your thing, nothing beats getting behind the wheel of your own car. Road tripping to your assignment means setting your own schedule and taking pit stops whenever you please. You also have the freedom to bring more luggage and gear compared to flying or taking the train.  

Of course, there are downsides to driving long distances. Wear and tear on your car is a factor, and those gas prices can definitely add up. Plus, if your assignment is across the country, you may need to plan ahead for a couple of nights in hotels while on the road.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cars provide the ultimate flexibility and freedom.
  • Road trips are a great way to explore along the way.
  • Consider the cost of fuel and wear and tear on your vehicle.

How to Decide on Your Best Method of Travel

There’s no single right answer on the best mode of transportation. Your decision on the best travel option for you will depend on several factors:

  • Distance: How far is your assignment? Cross-country journeys might be better suited to planes, while shorter regional trips could be perfect for car or train.
  • Budget: How much can you spend on travel? Planes tend to be pricier, while trains and driving costs can vary depending on distance and fuel prices.
  • Time constraints: How much time do you have to get to your assignment?
  • Travel options at your destination: Will you be able to use public transportation to get to your job, or will you need to drive yourself? This may help you decide whether you need to bring your own vehicle.
  • Agency perks: Does your travel nursing agency offer travel stipends or any assistance booking flights or train tickets?
  • Preferences: Do you prioritize speed or the experience of the journey itself? Do you love the independence of the open road or the relaxation of letting someone else do the driving?

Other Potential Options – Travel Nursing Agency Tips

Beyond choosing your main mode of travel, here are a few extra tips to smooth out your journey. A little pre-planning goes a long way in making your travel nurse adventures stress-free!

Plan ahead and book flights or train tickets early, especially if traveling close to a holiday season. Pack strategically, optimizing your luggage space depending on whether you’re flying or taking your own car.  

Research local transportation options at your assignment location so you know how to easily get around without your vehicle. Or, if you don’t want to drive to your destination but still want your car when you get there, you could consider a car shipping service if the price is reasonable.

A Travel Nursing Agency Can Help You Plan and Prepare

Choosing the right way to get to your travel nurse assignment is just one piece of preparing for your upcoming position. Remember, there’s no “best” way to travel – the ideal solution depends on your unique situation and preferences. The key is to think ahead, weigh your options carefully, and make the choice that feels right for you. A good travel nursing agency can be a fantastic resource in this planning process. They often have connections that can secure discounts on flights, rental cars, or even temporary housing.  

AHS NurseStat is here to help make each travel nurse assignment as smooth and straightforward as possible. Contact us today to discover how our personalized support can streamline your travel nursing experience.

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