Nurses Week 2022 Deals and Discounts

National Nurses Week 2022: Discounts and Deals

We love to provide our community of nurses with resources that elevate their nursing careers. For National Nurses Week, check out these deals and discounts brands …

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NurseStat: nurses connecting with nurses

Nurses Connecting with Nurses at AHS NurseStat

It’s National Nurses week, so we want to focus on how we support nurses. Specifically, we want to recognize a few of our professionals that …

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travel nursing in RV: nurse sight seeing during assignment.

Travel Nursing in an RV: Pros & Cons

Travel nursing is the perfect career for nurses looking for an adventurous, on-the-go life. Travel nurses enjoy many advantages, including top pay, new experiences, and valuable …

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tax documents saying "Tax time!" to remind travel nurse about tax season

Taxes as a Travel Nurse

As a travel nurse, you have a unique career experience traveling across the country providing care to patients in need. Nurses love the freedom, flexibility, …

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nurse in emergency room who needs to switch travel nurse companies

Is it Time for You to Switch Travel Nurse Companies?

Is your current agency just not meeting your expectations? Are they unable to provide you with assignments that fit your needs and goals? If so, …

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nurse typing on computer to find a travel nurse job that fits her needs

Find a Travel Nurse Job: Tips for Choosing Assignments

You want to find a travel nurse job that suits your wants and needs. That means choosing assignments based on criteria that matters to you. …

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dog in car on the way to new travel nursing assignment

Travel Nursing: Traveling with your Pet

Interested in travel nursing but can’t bear to leave your fur baby behind? Are you a seasoned travel nurse looking for the love and companionship of a …

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travel nurses in scrubs holding notepad

Tips for Travel Nurses: Work Life Balance

Work life balance: easier said than done, right? There are actually a ton of ways travel nurses can cultivate proper work life balance in their …

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nurse taking blood pressure during a travel assignment after finding the right travel nurse agency for him

How to Choose the Right Travel Nurse Agency

It’s time. You’ve been working for at least a couple of years since nursing school and you’re ready to take this show on the road …

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